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Fast Family Law Solutions Through Effective Mediation

I am attorney Portland Schnitzius. If you are in Fishers or Hamilton County and are going through a family law conflict, Portland A. Schnitzius, Attorney at Law, can represent you during mediation sessions. You can count on me to help you resolve your divorce, paternity or co-parenting dispute as quickly as possible through mediation.

In addition to representing individual clients in mediation, I am a registered mediator through the Indiana Supreme Court. At my centrally located office, I maintain three comfortable rooms for mediation sessions. I help you to air out your complaints and reach a favorable compromise.

Four Benefits Of Domestic Mediation

I firmly believe in divorce mediation for couples. Here are four reasons why you should go through mediation:

  1. You’ll have the freedom to make decisions on your terms.
  2. You’ll maintain full control of the process.
  3. The process is confidential and efficient.
  4. You will have freedom to make decisions that are right for your family instead of putting the decision before a court.

If you are interested in mediating a dispute, get in touch to learn whether mediation is right for you.

How Are Mediation And Collaborative Divorce Different?

Mediation and collaborative law are similar in that they help people resolve disputes such as custody disputes or dissolutions of marriages without litigation. They are also distinctly different. The differences include:

  • Mediation: Each party and their family law attorneys sit down with a neutral mediator who facilitates cooperation and solutions.
  • Collaborative law: Each party and their lawyers sit down in private negotiation sessions to discuss compromises to their issues.

One option might suit you better than the other. I can sit down with you to discuss the particulars of your situation.

Learn Whether Mediation Is Right For You

Call 317-953-2995 or send me an email now to schedule a family law mediation consultation in the Indianapolis metro area.